Monday, 15 March 2010

Xstreet links to the reviewed ships

As suggested (and I think it's a good idea) here are the links to the ships on XstreetSL that I've reviewed so far.

Rising Star (Agent Tairov)
Rapier R-1 (Neocrypter Rojyo)
The Gunn (Smith Fizz)
Alexander Modular Freighter (Podwangler Zapedzki)
A'den Starfighter (Priest Varun)
Corellian Starhawk (Sharina Applemoor)
BA-5 V-Wing (Thundercracker Bandit)
The XGP-15A II (Moo Spyker) does not appear to be listed on Xstreet at the moment, but I will update this link if and when it does appear.

And coming up in review over the next few weeks...

Agent Tairov shifts freight with the Barracuda,
Smith Fizz gets sculptified with The Element,
Podwangler Zapedzki provides a taxi service with the Mercury Shuttlepod,
and we check out Cunningham Capalini's Hypnoville Aerospace Marauder!

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